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Meet The Team


Johan van Wyk

The company is run by outfitter and professional hunter, Johan van Wyk, who grew up in the bushveld of Limpopo. Johan is an avid hunter who specializes in dangerous game and plains game. He has a passion for nature and possesses great bush craft and hunting skills. He's favorite rifle to hunt with is a .308 Win and his backup rifle is a .458 Lott.

Johan will always go the extra mile to ensure the client has an exceptional African hunting experience.

OH: ZA/LP/93796
PH: ZA/LP/94930    NW/7361/05/2019

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Johannes van Wyk

Johannes has been hunting with his father, Johan, since he learned to walk, therefor he has a wide knowledge in the field. 

He has hunted almost every specie in South Africa. He's favorite rifle to hunt with is a 7x57mm. He loves the outdoors and also enjoys bow hunting as well as fishing.

PH: 202404000010381

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Henlomi & Hanneke

Our friendly camp staff.

Henlomi and Johan have been married for 24 years. While he is out hunting she is managing the camp. She is a people person and her cooking is extraordinary. She always makes sure that everyone is having a great time.


Hanneke is the youngest member of the family. She helps her mom wherever she can. Hanneke loves animals and takes her pet dog, Olaf, along everywhere she goes. She is yet to shoot her first animal.

Karlien van Wyk

Karlien is our personal photographer. She established her own business at the young age of 19. 

She loves nature so much that she also works at the local vet. She has hunted quite a lot of animals. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, like her father, her favorite hunting rifle is also a .308 Win.

Karlien can be hired upon request to capture all the moments of your safari on camera

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Edmond is our tracker and skinner.

He has been doing this all his life and his skills are unmatched.

When he is on the spoor of your animal you can rest assured that he will track it 'till the very end.

His skinning ability is just as excellent. Your trophies are in good hands here.


Oh Lilly! Last, but not least, the friendliest of us all.

Lilly loves hunting, going on game drives, the sound of gunshots and clients!

She makes everyone feel like part of our family.

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